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Welcome. The St.John Family Tree is available for members of The Friends of Lydiard Park. Please register here to gain access to this site.


The Friends of Lydiard Park are extremely grateful for the extraordinary work undertaken by former Trustee Sonia St.John in researching and creating the St.John Family Tree. Now retired, Sonia spent decades painstakingly building this invaluable asset; her assiduous research and tireless attention to detail has resulted in an outstanding genealogical resource for The Friends.

Containing multiple branches of the St.John family and their ancestors chronicled to 742 CE, the Tree also includes many maternal lines. The family is recorded over many centuries with several spellings of their surname and the pronunciation of the name is 'Sin-Jun'. Abundant further resources and information about the St.John family and their history can be found at The Lydiard Archives, the digital resource library created by The Friends of Lydiard Park.

Lydiard Park in Wiltshire was one of the estates held by the St.Johns and their forebears from 1087 to 1943 and all members of The Friends of Lydiard Park are invited to register and enjoy the St.John Family Tree.

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